Friday, March 23, 2012

Vacation Update 2

And as promised for an update:

These few eventful moments that I specially love! (In chronological order: starting from create camp to my 18th)

Btw, THANKS FOR ALL THE BDAY WISHES! REALLY APPRECIATE THEM A LOT!!! ;) Some were really sweet and beautiful :")

Currently still nursing my cough. Was sick a few days ago right after CREATE camp ended. Had a really painful throat followed by flu. The best part was that I didnt know I was having a fever....

Ok so now that I'm just left with the stubborn cough, I want to get it over and done with!

Stay tuned for the next update! ;)

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Vacation Update 1

So it has been exactly a month after the last tests that I took that pretty much sums up my whole Year 1. I have still no clue when the results are gonna come out...

I apologise for this blog which lacks luster and updates due to the months of school and dance. Well, as of now, I was contemplating whether I should continue keeping this blog as I seldom visit this space anymore. :\ hmm..

Ok perhaps at the mean time, I shall keep this blog going and see how it goes for the next month or so..

Currently prowling through my emails, marking important dates etc. As of now, I can see that by next week and end of march, I will have 2 camps to attend.
1) Create MC leadership camp
2) Freshmen Orientation Programme '12 prep camp.
3) FOP training (3,5 April)
4) Actual day(i) 11-13 April
5) Actual day(ii) 16 April
And not forgetting more dance practices for the upcoming performance (Momentum) in May. More trainings will just bomb their way through.

On the 2nd march celebrating shirl's 18th!

Stay tune for Vacation Update 2! (hehe..)
Off for a shower~~~

Monday, January 23, 2012

This Dragon Year

Yes indeed I'm off this space for quite some time..
So I took a little time off this festive season lying on my bed and typing this post. Haha so relax!!

For the past few weeks, I've been dead busy with school, tests etc. Hate such busy schedules or perhaps school stress.. But maybe aft I've graduate I'll start missing being a student:/

So right back on to the topic of this YEAR'S CNY:

As usual I've been feasting on cakes, pastries and tarts.. WHO DOESNT?! Feel extremely guilty and sinful each time I take a bite of a pineapple tart. The taste is just so sensational but you can't help but just sitting there and counting those calories slowly assimilating into your tiny but stretchable stomach. #sigh what to do?

Ok, so this year's rather special for me.. The fact that I donned on the colour red for both top(dress) and bottom(shoes). This has never happened before. You can say it's
one in a blue moon that I made such
abrupt decision. HAHAH.

PS/ I need to set aside some time for my last revision before my long school break. Afraid that I would go into a holiday mood even once sch starts......

Till then; I'll catch you soon!!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

This Christmas

So I'm currently lying on my bed typing this post on my iPhone. Too lazy to get up to just on my com. These 2 weeks of holiday is just too short for me. Aft tmr, it'll be a week gone and I'm only left with 1 more. There's just too much to revise. IM JUST A TAD WORRIED FOR FA AND BS. Sighh. Really hope I can just miraculously comprehend them ASAP before sch reopens..

Moving on to this year's festive season: I don't feel any excitement knowing that today's the eve of Xmas. To me, it's just another usual weekend. Just that I've noticed more people carrying bigger shopping bags and cakes around.

A couple of days back(including today), I've been to town a couple of times and I see the word SALE everywhere. It's just too tempting and enticing. There are times that I would just want to buy the entire shop!! That extreme/
So... I've been hunting around for my CNY clothings and so far....... I've only gotten my shoes. :/ Sighh.
Oh well I shall continue shopping again aft Xmas as there will always be POST XMAS SALE!!! ;)

On a lighter note, I'm heading to Malacca in a couple of days.. Gonna try my luck there for some accessories and clothings.. Heheh.

Ok so that's enough for today!!
I'll catch you soon folks!! ;)

Saturday, December 17, 2011


These few beautiful moments of my life.

I know I've left this space for isolation for a pretty long period of time. I've always wanted to update as often as I can but time just wouldn't allow me to do so. I've been god damn busy with school, tests after tests and dance. No time for social life.. Only recently, I smelled a tiny-winy bit of "freedom". But I know it will only be temporary for just a mere 2 weeks. After the pathetic 2 weeks, it will be just another hectic cycle all over again.. I really wish for everything to just slow down in speed and not zoom pass me without me knowing/

I'll catch you soon~

Saturday, November 05, 2011

The musical

So I've noticed that I was away from this space for quite some time. Reason being that either I just have too little time or I've forgotten the content of the day itself..

CURRENTLY TAKING THE WAITING TIME TO BLOG.. Heheh. I felt that this sem I spent almost 80% of my time in dance.. I ALMOST NEGLECTED MY STUDIES and this is bad:/


OH DID I MENTIONED THAT I JUST CREATED TWITTER?!?! HAHAHA. Yes yes I'm a mountain tortoise who doesn't have social network plus life. Hahaha. So follow me on twitter @vanthn.
Catch you soon!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dead Busy

The title of the post just says everything. Typing or creating this post while waiting for the bus on the blogger app that it has for iPhone. 

Well, I'm going back to school almost everyday-weekends were spent dancing and not shopping anymore.. I hope everything goes back to normal after Muse IV.

IF YOU ARE FREE: COME FOR THIS PERFORMANCE. IT'S ON THE 10 NOV, THURS, 8PM @ The Republic Culture Centre. Give me a nudge if you want any tixs. It's at 10$!!!!